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Ielts Speaking Someone often travels by plane

Ielts Speaking Cue Card Someone who often travels by plane for work

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Well, when I read the question, the first person that came to my mind is my close friend, a television presenter and also a freelancer. Her work requires a lot of travelling, mainly by planes, making her a frequent passenger of several airlines in and outside Vietnam.

She was my classmate at university but after graduation, she decided to pursue a career in journalism. She started as a reporter and had to travel across Vietnam to produce news and documentary programs. Even when she has become a well-known presenter, a position based at the station, still she seems constantly on the move. I feel like whenever I call her number, she would be either on an airplane or on her way to an airport. Once in a blue moon, she is available for a get-together.

It is easy to see why she always takes a flight if possible. With a hectic schedule, she is busy like a bee. Apart from working for a TV station, she is also a passionate freelance MC (aka master of ceremonies), a highly-paid job in Vietnam. She once told me that she is not just working for money. Being able to stand on the stage, speak in front of hundreds of people and contribute to successful events is what keeps her going. Moreover, this job allows her to travel frequently across Vietnam and to countless other countries.

Obviously, her work is demanding but at the same time extremely rewarding. She enjoys every bit of it despite having to move from place to place constantly and spend plenty of time on airplanes.

IDIOMS: on the move  /  on someone’s way to …./  once in a blue moon  / busy like a bee/  at the same time

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