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Ielts Speaking part 2 A waste of time

An activity you usually do that wastes your time – 

Sample Band 8 from Ielts Speaking Book by Dương Vũ – Full Sample 3 Parts + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết part 1, 2, 3 bản update quý 3 (September – December) 2021:

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Well, this topic reminds me of a part of my morning routine that I’ve now realized is completely frivolous. Every morning, I often stay in bed and spend nearly an hour surfing the Internet or browsing social media.  

Actually, this has never been included in my daily plans and I have no idea how I’ve got into this habit. Probably, since I bought my current Iphone with its amazing storage capacity, I’ve been able to install all kinds of social media apps, from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and YouTube to Tiktok. Initially, I just wanted to check for updates from my close friends but these kinds of programs do know how to keep users staying on their sites as long as possible. All the so-called relevant or trendy contents are also featured in my newsfeed and I just mindlessly scroll through them all, one by one. It is when I randomly glance at the clock that I realize almost an hour has passed.

This habit is without a doubt a fruitless effort. Some hilarious videos on Tiktok might bring me joy but this kind of pleasure tends to be short-lived. The moment I stop watching, it will just vanish into thin air. Not to mention, scrolling aimlessly through these sites seems to be an unhealthy way to start a new day since I’m exposed to all kinds of negative news. Perhaps, this is the reason why I’ve felt distressed and anxious more often recently. It’s high time for me to do something about it. I will delete all of these apps and try to establish a more beneficial routine. Sure, I know old habits die hard but I’m determined to make a difference to my lifestyle now.

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