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Ielts speaking part 1 Science

Do you like science?

  • To be honest, I’m not really into science. I feel like science is always a subject I had to pass in schools. I do love science fiction movies though. (dùng I do + verb để nhấn mạnh)

How did you study science?

  • Back in high school, I remember taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I must admit that they did give me a hard time. Learning by heart all those formulas and facts was a real struggle for me. If I had been able to get some hands-on learning, I would have gotten more interested in this field.

Did you study science in primary school?

  • Unfortunately not. Back then, we only had Math, Literature and moral classes. I was envious of some of my friends in private schools who were able to conduct fantastic experiments during their science class.

Do you think it’s important to study science?

  • Definitely science plays an essential role in our life. It has laid the foundation for almost all inventions and discoveries of humankind. However, I believe there is no need to force people to study it unless they are genuinely interested in.

Is it the government’s responsibility to encourage science study?

  • I would say that family, school and the government should all have a fair share of responsibility in encouraging young people to study this pivotal subject. A high-quality free education system for all children would be a brilliant idea.

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