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Ielts Speaking part 1 Cake

  • Do you like desserts?

Absolutely yes. They all taste amazing and look so adorable. I especially love the tiramisu cupcakes.

  • Do you like eating cakes?

I used to crave them when I was a kids. Now, I still love them but when I come across a beautiful cake, I don’t feel like eating it anymore. Maybe because it’s so pretty, like a piece of art.

  • Have you ever made a cake?

Well, I have to admit bakery is not my thing. I’ve never tried my hands at making real cakes, I mean those requiring a range of complex utensils, ingredients and elaborate effort. I do know how to make banana pancake though.

  • Do you like sweet food?

Well, I’m no longer a big fan of them. When I was little, I would throw a tantrum whenever my mom refused to buy me an ice-cream or a flan cake. Now, I believe I can live without them all. Perhaps, my appetite has changed a bit.

  • Are there a lot of sweet foods in your country?

Oh yes. Actually, I think there are too much of them. Candies, biscuits, cakes, jams, juices and sugary drinks can be found everywhere. I guess a lot of people have a sweet tooth these days.

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