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Ielts Speaking Late for Appointments Part 3

Ielts Speaking Part 3 Appointment – Being late – Being on time – Time Management Topic

Samples by Dương Vũ 8.5 Ielts from Ielts Speaking Book 8.0 by Dương Vũ – Full Samples 3 Parts + Topic Vocab + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết từng dạng câu hỏi part 1, 2, 3 bản update cho bộ đề Speaking mới nhất  :

What kinds of appointments are important?

I’d say that appointments for work purposes tend to be more significant than personal appointments. This is because people can always reschedule another appointment with their dentists or their family and friends but they could not do so if they fail to show up on time for a job interview or a business meeting.

Why are people late?

People might have a ton of excuses for their tardiness. Some blame it on traffic congestion and others on the weather or any other external factors. But I personally think the fundamental reason is that they aren’t good at time management. They should allow a generous amount of time to travel to a major event.

What can people do to avoid being late? (= câu how…manage their time + arrive early ở dưới)

Is punctuality important?

Absolutely. Being punctual is an admirable quality every individual should have. This virtue shows respect, reliability and professionalism. It’s beneficial for all. If people are punctual, they won’t miss crucial events or appointments and are able to get things done as planned. On top of that, punctuality contributes greatly to the productivity and efficiency of a business or an organization. Obviously, if a manager shows up late at a meeting, his whole team would waste time waiting for him and their work and their mood would surely be affected, leading to the whole team’s poor performance.

Are Vietnamese people punctual?

Unfortunately, most people in Vietnam are casual about being late. Tardiness is quite common in the workplace. It is acceptable to show up 10 or 15 minutes late for major social events. Even the opening time of business meetings, conferences and workshops can be delayed just because a certain VIP guest hasn’t arrived, which is absurd to me.

How do you feel if someone is late for their appointment with you?

I will lose my temper if my friends stand me up or keep me waiting for ages

without notice. There is no excuse for such rude behavior. At least, they should send a

message to inform me of their situation. However, such cases rarely happen since I’d rather call them than wait for nothing.

When should people arrive early? 

Apparently, it is essential to arrive on time for all scheduled meetings and events. For crucial exams, departures or interviews, people would be much better off showing up early. They should also allow ample time to travel just in case an accident or other unexpected incidents arise.

Is time management important? (Band cao questions)


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