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Ielts Speaking Crowd Topic

Do you like crowded places?

Keywords: generally no, except special occasions such as New Year Countdown Party or music concerts organised by my favourite bands or singers. It’s fantastic to hear thousands of people shouting or singing along at the same time. The more, the merrier.

How do you feel in crowded places?

Keywords: It depends on the places, the events being held and the participants. Sometimes feel nervous and isolated, especially among people whose lifestyle is different from mine. Sometimes feel happy, connected to others/ a sense of belonging to a community.

What are the most crowded places in your hometown (or where you are living now)?

Keywords: Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter and the supermarkets / shopping malls in the evening

Do you prefer to go to crowded places or places that have few people?

Keywords: If I’m looking for a place to relax or calm down my restless soul: a coffee shop with quiet atmosphere would be better. If I feel gloomy and bored: a crowded place would cheer me up.

When was the last time you were in a crowded place?

Keywords: Last week, Ta Hien Street, hang out with friends. Ta Hien is extremely popular among Hanoian youngsters, local expats and foreign backpackers. Every night hundreds of people gather here for a beer and chatting.

Would you say people with the same interests usually get along with each other when they are in a crowd?

Keywords: Definitely, I find it easier to keep a conversation with like-minded people/ have a lot of things in common/ have interesting topics to talk about / truly enjoy time spent together.


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