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Ielts Speaking A skill to learn

Bài nói mẫu, câu trả lời mẫu Ielts Speaking part 2 Topic A skill you would like to learn

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Well, to stay relevant in this ever-changing world, we need to become a lifelong learner. There is always a new skill set to acquire, but for me, time management skill is still something I’m struggling with right now.

The most obvious reason why I need to work hard on this skill is that I constantly feel overwhelmed with my workload. It seems I always have too much on my plate and fail to get things done from time to time. Being unable to stay on top of my life has boosted my anxiety and insecurity lately. I’ve tried to prioritize and put first things first but I find it hard to stick to the original plan. There are always unexpected problems that need immediate actions.

Procrastination is another problem. I know I have to get rid of this enemy if I want to become more efficient. I really admire those who set their mind to the most challenging tasks and then get straight to doing it without wasting any seconds. I believe excellent time management skill has something to do with discipline and a sense of urgency which I obviously lack.

I thought I could perfect this critical skill by self-learning. After trying in vain for many years, however, I realized it’s better to take a training course. I’ve become fascinated by productivity secrets of some people around me. I will definitely ask them for help. I hope with all these effort I will be able to master this skill in no time and lead a happier life.

IDIOMS: from time to time  /   have something to do with /   In vain  / In no time

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