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Ielts Speaking A Goal You have had for a long time

Ielts Speaking A Goal You have had for a long time Band 9 sample by cô Dương Vũ 8.5 Ielts from Ielts Speaking Book by Dương Vũ:

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When I was little, I had several ambitions. I once aspired to be a fashion designer, establish my own fashion label and then become a shrewd entrepreneur. However, since I grew up, I’ve realized a fashion career isn’t for me. For one thing, I’m not good at drawing.  For another thing, I’m not particularly interested in making a lot of money at the expense of a healthy work/life balance.

I’ve shifted my lifelong goal to writing and publishing a best-seller book. Reading self-help books has always been my stress reliever. Whenever I feel stuck in life, I often get myself immersed into my go-to books and then I’ll have the courage to face all my challenges again. 

The book I treasure the most is “He can who thinks he can”. It has instilled in me the value of hard work, courage and resilience, as well as the profound sense of gratitude for life’s simple pleasures. Thanks to it, I’ve gained valuable wisdom and fresh perspectives. It has completely transformed my mind and my life. If I could write such a book, I would be able to touch the lives of millions of people. I think I’ve found my true calling

Of course it takes a lot of hard work to become a celebrated author. I need to master the art of writing and enrich my life with remarkable experiences so that I can make my stories relatable to people from all walks of life. Additionally, I must save enough money in order to pursue this dream without being stressed out by financial constraints. But step by step I believe I can realize this perennial dream as I am committed to working towards it diligently.

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