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Ielts Essay Plastic Containers Band 9

Model Essay band 9 for Ielts writing task 2 date 17/09/2020  Plastic Containers Topic – Written by Duong Vu 8.5 Ielts – 2 lần 8.0 Writing 

In many countries, plastic containers are becoming more popular and widely used in foods and drinks industries. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

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In recent years, the ubiquitous use of plastic packaging in food and beverage industries has attracted increasing attention. While plastic containers may offer a number of benefits to food manufacturers and consumers, I believe their merits are overshadowed by their detrimental impacts on the environment and society.

Admittedly, plastic packaging has contributed significantly to the rapid growth of foods and drinks sectors. The durability and versatility of this material has made it possible for fresh produce as well as processed products to be stored for a longer time, handled effortlessly by machines and conveniently distributed around the globe. This can not only enable manufacturers to save time and money but also allow consumers to have an easy and affordable access to a wider range of hygienic foods.

However, the convenience they offer has led to a throwaway culture which is polluting almost every corner of the world. A large proportion of food packaging waste, including plastic boxes, cups and bottles has been improperly disposed of and eventually ended up in the soil or the oceans. Most of these single-use items have a very short lifespan but may persist in the environment for hundreds of years, making them a major source of soil and water contamination. Besides, plastic food wrappings have been killing millions of marine animals which accidentally swallowed them or were tangled in them. Such catastrophic impacts are too obvious to be ignored.

Another potential drawback of plastic food containers is that they could promote detrimental dietary habits. Plastic packaging has given rise to food takeaway and online order services, leading to the ubiquity of unhealthy fast foods and junk foods. This is posing a severe threat to not only public health but also social cohesion because a vast number of families are not eating together anymore. Such long-term impacts might not be noticeable but profound enough to be taken into consideration.

In conclusion, although plastic containers can provide food companies and consumers with tremendous convenience, I believe there are far more drawbacks to their rising popularity. These disposable items are damaging the earth and threatening human societies’ sustainable development.

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