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Ielts Essay Band 8 Students Evaluate Teachers

Some people think that in order to improve the education system, high school students should be encouraged to evaluate and criticize their teachers. Others think that this will result in the loss of respect and discipline in class. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 

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The education system plays a critical role in shaping a brighter future for individuals and nations around the globe. Some have proposed that in order to improve its quality, highschool students’ evaluations and criticism of their teachers should be encouraged. Others, however, oppose this proposal for fear of losing respect and discipline in class. I’m inclined to the former view as I believe such innovative initiatives are urgently needed.

Those who are against this proposal might argue that such policies would give rise to disrespectful and disruptive behavior in the classroom. If students are allowed to assess and criticize their teachers, the boundaries between educators and learners would become blurred. Students might abuse their rights and use inappropriate language or false judgment to take revenge on teachers they dislike. Not to mention, most students are not in a good position to evaluate those teaching them since they have not been trained as a pedagogical expert. Their feedback might be biased, unconstructive or even unhelpful.

However, advocates of this idea often assert that it can be of immense help to students and the entire education system. When students know that their feedback and criticism are greatly valued, they would become more active and engaged in their study. Furthermore, student evaluations of teaching services are instrumental to educational innovations. With the increasing availability of updated information on the Internet, tech-savvy young people can easily double check what they have learned. This would force educators to constantly upgrade their knowledge, skills and teaching techniques in order to provide their students with high-quality learning experiences. Finally, this initiative might act as a strong deterrent against teachers’ misconduct. If, for example, students in Vietnam had been allowed to anonymously criticize toxic teachers, several reported cases of child abuses in local schools would have been prevented. 

In conclusion, both sides of the argument have their own merits. I, however, strongly advocate student evaluations of teaching as I believe if such an initiative is carefully executed, its benefits will outweigh its potential drawbacks.

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