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Ielts Essay Band 8 9 Society without Rules and Laws

Some people think that a society is based on rules and laws and it could not function if individuals were free to do whatever they want. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Topic: Society & Laws   –  Hướng Agree

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Sample Essay Band 8 – 9 by Dương Vũ:

For thousands of years, rules and laws have been fundamental to the development of societies. It is argued that a society would not function if individuals had the freedom to do anything they want. I strongly agree with this assertion and this essay will elaborate on my reasons.

Firstly, an orderly society is of paramount importance to human existence and it needs to have a system of rules and laws in place. If there were no traffic rules, all roads in major cities would be constantly congested, which may wreck the economy and people’s lives. In the same way, without laws, crime would be prevalent. Businesses may turn to unethical practices such as using harmful chemicals in their products or inferior equipment to cut cost and maximize profit at the expense of customer safety. Many would just simply kill others due to conflicts of interest or steal others’ possessions to earn a living instead of working hard. Society could become chaotic and people would live in extreme fear and anxiety, which might take a toll on their productivity and mental health.

Admittedly, freedom is an inalienable right for all people across the globe. However, absolute freedom could undermine society’s sustainable progress, which in turn may jeopardize the liberty of individuals…. => Full Essay in Ielts Writing Task 2 Book by Dương Vũ 8.0 Writing:

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