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Ielt speaking A change in local area

Bài nói mẫu, câu trả lời mẫu Ielts Speaking part 2 và 3 topic A change that would improve your local area (band 8.0 – 9.0)

Well, I can see so many areas that still have rooms for improvement in my neighborhood. However, children come first, so I’d prefer a spacious playground for them above all else.

To begin with, I’m currently living in one of the busiest commercial districts of Hanoi, which is mainly made up of concrete houses and office buildings. Public facilities are litmited to a hospital, a little lake and tiny pavements curving around its shore. There is quite a great number of kids in our neighborhood and they used to gather and play in the front yard of a nearby pagoda. Unfortunately, recent regulations have banned noisy team activities such as football or badminton in religious sites. They are left with no choice other than playing on the lanes in front of their houses.

Obviously, children need to play and to have fun outdoors right? But seriously, how can we let them play in the streets that motocycles frequently pass? Even with parents paying close attention, they are still at risk of becoming victims of a severe accident or unconsciously causing one. Also, when playing in such places, kids will definitely not be able to enjoy the game as much as they should due to constant worry about coming traffic.

For these reasons, I think local authority should put a playground at the top of their agenda. I’m not sure how it can become a reality but I can imagine they must sacrifice some other public space.  This is not going to be a walk in the park but I believe children’s well-being and satefy should be given priority.

IDIOMS: rooms for improvement   / at the top of their agenda   /   a walk in the park


  • Why do some people not accept changes?

Not welcome changes due to fear of the unknown or something new => not used to it, might do it wrong & embarrass themselves

Because of their self-interest & greed: do not want to sacrifice money or effort to make a change happen in the first place.

  • Do you think change is good or bad?

In general: positive if for the benefit of the majority of people. Otherwise: could be damaging if just for self-interest of few people. Still, I believe change is driving force of development.

  • Why are people living in a community friendly with others?

Have a sense of belonging to a same group

Know each other very well

Be kind to others in case they need help (Life is full of ups and downs).

  • Where do people in your community usually have social gathering?

In the countryside : every village has a cultural centre or pagoda.

In the city: city hall, city square, parks

  • What kinds of public facilities are available in your area?

For entertainment & leisure activities: Parks, pagodas, zoos, museums, theatres, libraries.

For essential needs: water & electricity supply, hospitals

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