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A Sport you would like to play

Ielts Speaking Cue Card A sport you would like to play for the first time

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Sample Answer:

A SPORT YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY (what it is, why you want to play, how you play)

Well, I’m not a sporty person by any means but I’ve always wished to be able to play tennis like a professional.  When I was little, my dad used to watch Wimbledon tournament on TV and I sat to watch with him from time to time. Back then, I didn’t see the point of using rackets to hit a ball over the net but I was hooked by the gracefulness, calmness and agility of some world-class champions such as Roger Federer or Sharapova. I even dreamt of becoming a superstar athlete like them one day.

Now, I’ve given up that dream but I still keep tennis on my bucket list. I’m seriously considering taking up a sport to stay fit. Due to my sedentary lifestyle, I’ve put on some weight lately and constantly feel under the weather. Tennis seems the perfect choice for me at the moment. For sure it’s physically demanding but not too much and it has a bunch of health benefits too. I read somewhere that playing tennis on a regular basis can significantly improve metabolic function, bone density, muscle flexibility and immune system. It also has a profoundly positive effect on our hearts and lungs. On top of that, it helps relieve stress and anxiety, exactly what I’m looking for.

And above all, tennis can be played by anyone regardless of their gender and age. As one of the most sociable sports, I believe tennis will enable me to expand my social circle, sharpen my interpersonal skills and boost my mental health. Club courts and public courts are also widely available in my city.  Having watched tennis on TV, I suppose it is going to be a bit of a challenge for me to become an adequate amateur but it’s all worth it.


IDIOMS:  see the point of ST / from time to time / a bunch of / my bucket list / feel under the weather

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