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Tidy Topic Ielts Speaking Part 1

Ielts Speaking Part 1 topic Tidy – Tidying – Sample Answer in Ielts Speaking Book 2020 by Duong Vu – Sách Ielts Speaking 3 parts

New Topic for Ielts Speaking Forecast Quy 3 2020

  • Are you a tidy person?

Well, to be honest, I am not a highly – organized person but I do love keeping my place tidy. Unless I’m working flat out to meet a hanging deadline, I often try to clean my home and work space on a daily basis. Tidying my room or clearing piles of books and papers on my desk can also make a fantastic way to sort out my thoughts and relieve stress, a wonderful brain workout.

  • Are you tidier at home or at work/ (school)?

At work (school) definitely. While it’s totally fine to create a mess in my own room from time to time, I’ve never thought it would be acceptable to throw stuffs where they aren’t supposed to be in the work place/ (at school). Also, if I’m up to my ear in work (schoolwork), I will skip my daily cleaning routine at home to focus on the task at hand but I’ve never forgotten to clean up my desk before leaving work/ school.

  • Are your family members tidy?

Let me see. My mom is obsessed with cleaning. She prefers to keep everything neat and spotless. She is always complaining about my dad’s throwing his dirty clothes everywhere. Obviously, she is the tidiest person in my family.

  • Is it important to be tidy?

Absolutely.  A messy room is said to represent a disordered mental state. By keeping everything in good order, people don’t have to search frantically for a key, a watch, a shirt or a pair of shoes every morning. They can therefore save a lot of time and start their day at ease. Most importantly, regularly-cleaned places are vital to a healthy life as they are free of harmful bacteria and viruses.

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