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Ielts Speaking Part 2 A time you had to do something quickly

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I’m going to talk about my speedy Ielts preparation. The other day, after talking to my Vietnamese boyfriend who was living in Canada, I decided to study abroad on a whim. But I needed to submit my Ielts scores/ certificate as part of my application. 

At first, I didn’t really fancy living in another country. My job was good but the ongoing economic recession made me have second thoughts. So I only had two weeks to prepare for the test due to the deadline of the university I was gonna attend. I knew it wasn’t easy but I was gonna give it my best shot. (=do my best)

I took an intensive course and studied day and night. I did several reading and listening tests a day to boost my vocabulary and my test skills. I also tried to complete at least two essays per day and submitted them to my teacher for correction. As for speaking, I practiced it by chatting with my overseas boyfriend every day. I felt extremely stressed and anxious during that period but now I’m proud of myself for my huge effort and determination to overcome my fear

Despite preparing for Ielts in a short time, I’ve seen significant improvement/ made significant progress in/ with my English. I know it’s unhealthy to rush things but I hope I can pass this exam WITH FLYING COLORS.


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