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Ielts Speaking Home Equipment Part 3

Ielts Speaking Home Equipment Part 3 – Sample By Duong Vu 8.5 Ielts 

What kinds of home appliances are used in Vietnamese families?

Without a doubt, there is a wide range of equipment Vietnamese families  can afford now. For their fundamental needs like eating, drinking and getting dressed, fridges, stoves, ovens, kettles and washing machines are must-have items. Another type of devices commonly found in most Vietnamese homes these days is entertainment equipment. Computers, TV and stereo systems are increasingly popular, making it much easier and more convenient for people to rejuvenate and unwind right at home.

How has home equipment changed (compared to the past)?

That’s an interesting one! I’d say that the most significant changes include automation and Internet connection. Cutting-edge technologies have made it possible for people to complete almost any household chore just by pushing a single button. Computerisation and artificial intelligence have led to the increasing popularity of smart devices in families. What’s more, the Internet of things has enabled people to control and adjust these smart appliances even when they are miles away from home.

How will household appliances change in the future?

Well, I’m not tech-savvy by any means but I can imagine that in the upcoming decades, we’ll likely see human-like robots walking around our home like a family member and performing all the tedious chores we detest. Additionally, there is a high chance that all household devices would become smart and we would be able to have real conversations with them instead of just using some voice commands. That would be fantastic

What do you think about having robots in our houses? (advantages & disadvantages)

Well, the way I see it, using robots at home can offer substantial benefits. Firstly, they will relieve the burdens on the main caregivers, which in turn promotes peace and fairness in families. Secondly, robots as a multi-talented friend could entertain and educate people, as well as help them overcome loneliness and depression. With this said, robots can make a brilliant companion for humans, especially the elderly and young children.

Disadvantages of Hi-tech home appliances:

However, they do have a considerable number of drawbacks. Perhaps the most obvious challenges might be the cost, technical know-how and security. As a state-of-the-art product, a fancy robot may cost several thousands of dollars and not all families can afford it. Moreover, many people aren’t proficient at computer programming so in case their robots break down, they have to depend on professional service centres and face obscene costs. Finally, since artificial technologies are getting more and more sophisticated, there is a valid foundation to worry about robots’ super intelligence. Who knows what they might do when they malfunction. 

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What kinds of items are extremely important to people?

  • Indispensable items include things that they use frequently in their daily life and at work, including home equipment and digital gadgets. In this day and age, computers, smartphones and the Internet have become an integral part of people’s lives.
  • Precious belongings with a high monetary or spiritual value: jewelry, gifts, trophies and awards, collected items based on their interest: books, stamps, coins and toys

Why do young people like new things?

  • Love novelty and difference => companies constantly add new values or features to improve their products. Ex: Iphone/ Samsung smartphones
  • Due to peer pressure : keep up with the latest trends in fashion and technology
  • Show their economic status and assert themselves , can afford the latest and usually most expensive products

Do you think the way people buy things is affected?

  • I would say so. 
  • These days, celebrities and influencers on social media can exert enormous influence on their fans’ shopping behaviors => buy certain products to emulate their idols
  • Companies use advertising and celebrity endorsement to manipulate people

What factors can influence the way people buy new things? 

  • Peer pressure
  • Famous people and social media
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Why do some grown-ups not want to throw old items away?

  • Might use them again => don’t have to buy a new one => Save a great deal of money
  • Old stuff such as gifts and souvenirs might be associated with a significant meaning: memories of someone who is dear to their heart or amazing experiences they don’t want to forget
  • Collectible items, especially antiques, tend to become more valuable over time