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Ielts speaking A Health Article topic

Bài nói mẫu, câu trả lời mẫu Ielts Speaking part 2 và 3 topic A health article / An article you read on healthy living (band 8.0 – 9.0):

Well, there is an online report about a work-based syndrome called “burnout”, which I found truly enlightening. It has changed my life, for the better. But let me tell you some background first.

Around 6 years ago, I got my first job as a tour consultant in a travel agent. In the beginning, the work was fantastic and payment was attractive. However, the longer I was in it, the less motivated I became. There were always problems arising out of tour programs and all needed immediate attention. I was expected to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and virtually, I couldn’t switch off from work at home. I thought I can cope but one day, I burst out crying right in the office and everyone was shocked. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I went online, did some searching and came across this article. Its title captured my attention as I had never heard of the term “burnout”. The report paints a vivid picture of what I was going through: my chronic fatigue, my constant cynicism about the future and my inability to keep going. I felt exhausted all the time and dreaded going to work every morning. The symptoms were spot on and I realized I was definitely getting a burnout. This article was a wakeup call for me. It urged me to take action to achieve a healthy work/life balance. I then decided to quit the job and I was glad I did. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I feel much happier and healthier at my current job.

I believe I am not the only one out there who has experienced a burnout. Actually, a lot of people are struggling with it without realizing it. I hope through articles like this, they will become more conscious of their health and find a way to get rid of the detrimental lifestyle of “all work and no play”.

*** Idioms: “a wake-up call for someone”/   “ had no idea”


  • Do you think people follow up what they read about health?

Đây chỉ là gợi ý keywords / ideas, các bạn tự hoàn thiện câu trả lời để nhớ lâu nhé:

=>Depends on the source of the news, whether it’s reliable or not. Also, some people tend to be more health-conscious => take it into serious consideration & do as suggested or recommended. Others, however, are either too cynical or carefree => take it with a pinch of salt or just read for fun and soon forget it.

  • Do you think it’s easier to keep a healthy lifestyle now than in the past?

Definitely yes. Nowadays, enjoy much higher standard of living => 1. Are better-informed: free & easy access to scientific studies on health, professional advice & tips => 2. Take the advantage of advanced healthcare facilities and services.

  • How do people improve their health in Vietnam?

Eat healthier, exercise more (ex: go to the gyms for professional training), take up sports

  • Should health care service be free?

Ideally, there should be universal healthcare system in every country => everybody should get equality of opportunity to be cared for and stay fit. In practice, it’s difficult to achieve that goal due to a lack of financial resources.

  • Is employees’ health important to an employer?

Absolutely, => boost performance and increase productivity. Higher job satisfaction => less likely to quit => lower staff turnover rate.

  • What should employers do to improve employees’ health?

=> Build a healthy working environment (Google, Facebook headquarters: green space, recreation facilities…) => encourage exercising during break (ex: in Japan)

  • What can the government do to encourage healthy living?

Restrict the consumption of unhealthy food & drinks by imposing higher taxes.

Enforce the laws to keep a clean and healthy environment

Organize campaigns to raise public awareness

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