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Ielts Speaking part 2 Family Business


Describe a successful family business you know


What business

How you knew it

What they do

Why it’s successful

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  • A small /  medium-sized / large business
  • Successful => leading, well-known,  renowned, celebrated, widely-preferred + business/ shop/ store/ restaurant…
  • A Long-established restaurant : it has been around for nearly one hundred years.
  • Has gained a strong reputation for their high-quality products and excellent / outstanding customer service.
  • ALWAYS Put their customers FIRST : listen to and respond to customers’ feedback promptly, politely and attentively 


  • The owner/ founder : kind and generous => help needy people + give back to the community 


I’d like to talk about the most renowned Pho noodle shop in Vietnam named Pho Thin Bo Ho. It is located right on the bank of Hoan Kiem Lake, which is the iconic symbol of Hanoi. The noodle shop was established in 1954 and has been run by 3 generations of the family. Now it has 2 other branches, also in the Old Quarter and despite its strong brand, the family has no desire to franchise their business like other well-known noodle shops.

The key to this family business’ success lies in its broth which is cooked by simmering beef bones and some aromatic spices for hours to extract all their flavors. The broth is then meticulously skimmed to remove any impurities. The eatery prides itself on its pure and comforting broth, showcasing the skills and attention to detail of the cooks. Their broth recipe has been passed down through 3 generations.

This noodle shop has gained a strong reputation in Vietnam and around the world. It’s loved by local people and international visitors alike. I’ve eaten pho at their signature (main) restaurant several times and I have to say they truly live up to their reputation. 


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