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Ielts Essay Working From Home Benefits Band Cao

Working from home has become more popular thanks to technological development. Some people think that employees benefit from this while employers do not. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


In recent years, remote working has become increasingly common thanks to technological advancement. It is argued by some that employees can reap great benefits from this trend while employers do not. I disagree with this statement and this essay will elaborate on my reasons.

It is irrefutable that working from home can offer dazzling benefits to employees. Firstly, they can save a great deal of time and money when they do not have to commute to work. They can also avoid the hustle and bustle of city streets during rush hours, especially traffic congestion. This can have positive impacts on their moods and thus boost their concentration and productivity. Furthermore, those working remotely are more likely to achieve a healthy work/life balance. They can enjoy the benefits of having a flexible work schedule that allows them to juggle better between professional life and personal life.

However, I believe remote working can also provide great benefits to employers. Unquestionably, they can cut costs on utilities and office rent which might be exorbitant if they are based in a downtown area. In addition, recent research has shown that employees who work from home tend to be more satisfied with their jobs than in-office workers. With greater autonomy, employees are more likely to come up with creative solutions and take initiatives at work, which often translates into higher productivity and increased loyalty. Finally, a remote working policy enables businesses to reach a larger talent pool. For instance, the American tech giant, Google, can hire remote software engineers from India and other countries, which is vital for their global operation.   

In conclusion, I firmly believe both employers and employees can reap the benefits of remote work when it can be applied. Depending on the nature of each business, employers should figure out a proper policy to help their employees realize their full potential.

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