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Speaking Part 3 Local products Local Food

Ielts Speaking Sample Answers Part 3 Topic Local Products Local Foods – Samples by Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu – IDV

  • Why does your region have that product and not somewhere else?

Well, as I mentioned, the product is unique to our region because most of its ingredients must be grown locally in order to produce desirable qualities. Moreover, local people have perfected their skills at making it for decades and I’m sure they possess special know-hows or secrets that cannot be found elsewhere.

  • Is there any products in Vietnam that the north has but the south doesn’t? Why?

Definitely. There is a wide variety of trees, especially fruit trees that are exclusively grown in the south of Vietnam such as coconut and rambutan. This is because they require consistent sunshine all year round and the north with its cold winter is obviously unsuitable.

  • What kinds of imported products are popular in Vietnam?

Well, an extensive range of imported goods can be found in Vietnam now, from food, clothes, hi-tech gadgets, household appliances to cars and cutting-edge machines. As long as they contain a global brandname, they would definitely be preferred to domestic products.

  • What kinds of people prefer imported goods in your country? Why?

Well let me see, those who have decent or high income tend to favour products imported from developed countries such as Japan, the US or Europe. These items tend to offer higher quality and be far more expensive than local products due to added taxes and transportation cost. Low income families, on the other hand, prefer inexpensive made-in-China stuffs.

  • Do you think people should support local foods? Why?

Definitely. I believe this practice offers a bunch of mutual benefits to the consumers, the producers and local economy as well. Local foods seem to be fresher, healthier and safer since no preservatives are added. Also, due to low transportation and preservation cost, they might be much cheaper than imported items. Most importantly, by buying locally, people help businesses in their regions to develop sustainably and eventually generate more jobs and higher income for all.

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