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Weather topic speaking part 3

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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Topic A time the weather prevented your activity

Is weather forecast important?

  • A lot of human activities and events are carried out outdoors so it’s essential to know the weather conditions and plan ahead. Without proper preparations, all their efforts might become fruitless just because of sudden rain or unfavourable wind and snow. Especially, prediction of devastating storms and hurricanes can prevent loss of life and mitigate potential damage.


What kinds of jobs are affected by the weather?

  • Well, obviously, work performed outside of a building are most vulnerable to adverse weather. Farmers, for example, may incur severe losses caused by torrential rain, hail or heat waves. I believe agriculture is one of the riskiest businesses because it’s really tough to predict extreme weather and even if it’s possible, not much can be done to counteract such natural disasters.

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