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Tiêu chí chấm điểm Ielts Essay Band 8

Dưới đây là các tiêu chí các bạn cần đạt được cho 1 bài Ielts Essay band 8 – Nguồn chính thức từ IELTS OFFICIAL

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Dưới đây là các tiêu chí chấm điểm Ielts Writing chi tiết cho các bạn tự học tự chấm cho mình nhé:


  • Did you answer ALL parts of the question sufficiently?
  • Are all your ideas and support directly relevant to the question?
  • Did you avoid over-generalising the topic?
  • Does the Examiner know exactly what you think, and do you present this position clearly for the whole essay?
  • Did you support your ideas with clear examples [not vague research and survey results]?
  • Did you write over 250 words?


  • Can the Examiner follow your ideas easily, from the beginning of your essay to the end?
  • Does it progress clearly [introduction, main ideas with supporting examples, conclusion]?
  • Did you use a range linking words and phrases?
  • Did you avoid repetition and starting every sentence with a linking device [Firstly…Secondly…Thirdly]?
  • Did you use referencing [These issues…] and substitution [problems/issues] correctly?
  • Did you use sufficient paragraphs?
  • Did you use one paragraph to develop each idea?
  • Is there a clear introductory and concluding paragraph?


  • Did you use a range of vocabulary that is on-topic?
  • Did you use precise vocabulary choices?
  • Did you avoid memorised language, clichés [double-edged sword] and proverbs?
  • Did you use collocation correctly [environmental problem | global issue]?
  • Did you use appropriate uncommon words [detrimental to | cultural diversity | measures]?
  • Did you correct your spelling mistakes?
  • Did you check for typos?
  • Did you use the correct form of the word you needed [adverbs, nouns, adjectives and verbs]?


  • Did you use a range of structures [conditional, present perfect, relative clauses, modal verbs]?
  • Did you avoid long, complicated sentences?
  • Are your sentences error-free?
  • Did you punctuate correctly?
  • Did you use capital letters to start sentences and for proper nouns?
  • Did you use commas in your complex sentences, where needed? [If the government invests funds in implementing environmentally-friendly solutions, pollution in the atmosphere will be reduced.]
  • Did you use full stops(.) to finish sentences?


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