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Task 1 Sample Band 8 Solar Panel

Đề: The diagrams show the structure of a simple solar panel and its applications.

Sample 8.0 by Dương vũ 8.0 writing:

The diagrams illustrate the components of a basic solar panel that utilizes solar energy for air and water heating. Overall, a solar air heater and a solar water heater are similar in structure and working principle, except that a solar water panel contains a metal pipeline inside.

Looking at the first diagram it can be seen that a solar panel basically consists of a tank in square shape. Its cover (the solar collector) is made of transparent glass that allows sun rays to easily pass through. In addition, there are an inlet and an outlet on either side of the panel.

Solar panels are widely used for various purposes, including air and water heating. The cool air or water enters the tank through the inlet. It is then heated by the energy that the solar collector absorbs from the sun. The warmed air or water then flows out of the tank through the outlet and is transferred through a pipe to households.

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