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Sample task 1 Design of A Modern Landfill

Bài viết mẫu Ielts Writing Task 1 – Design of a modern landfill – 10/10/2020 – Vietnam. Written & copyright by Dương Vũ – IDV. Follow us on Facebook for more writing samples band 8:

The diagram illustrates the layouts of a modern landfill for domestic waste disposal from construction to closure. Overall, the landfill is constructed with great concern for the environment by employing latest technologies to prevent contamination.

The landfill is first created by digging a deep hole in the designated ground. It is protected by double liners made of plastic and clay so that pollutants cannot enter into the surrounding ground and the aquifer. Particularly, at the bottom of the landfill, there is a drainage system consisting of drainage pipes and a tank. When the landfill is in use, any liquid from the waste can be collected and treated through this system, thus diminishing its environmental impacts.

When the landfill is full, it is capped (covered) with layers of synthetic materials and clay to form a barrier between the trash and the surrounding area. Its by-products including the liquid and gases are transferred through separate pipes to a proper treatment facility. As a result, the closed landfill also leaves almost no harmful effects and the site can later be reused for other purposes such as parks or parking lots.

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