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Essay Band 8 Learn Musical Instrument

“Some educationalists say that every child should be taught how to play a musical instrument. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

Sample Ielts Essay band 8 for Ielts writing task 2 date 05/09/2020 – Trích từ sách Ielts Writing 8.0 by Dương Vũ – Copyright by IDV IELTS:


Some pedagogical experts state that all children should take lessons on how to play a musical instrument. I completely agree with this assertion because the potential benefits of such training are too enormous to be underestimated.

The primary reason for learning to play music is that this creative pursuit can foster a child’s cognitive and emotional development. When participating in musical training, children need to pay close attention to instructions, read music and convert notes into motions. Improved attention span, memory and reasoning skills might enable them to perform better in other core subjects, including math and science. Besides, learning to play an instrument can provide an outlet for their creativity and emotions. This helps nurture their creative skills and emotional intelligence, both of which are increasingly valued abilities.

Another reason why I support musical training for all children is that practicing music on a regular basis may instil great virtues in the youth. Mastering an instrument such as the piano or the violin involves months or even years of consistent practice, which is likely to prevail discipline in their daily routines. Their patience and perseverance, two prerequisites for a fulfilling life, could also be strengthened. Most importantly, by learning to play with others in front of an audience, children can build up their self-confidence and sharpen their interpersonal skills. All these qualities are vital to their future accomplishments.

Admittedly, low-income families might struggle to afford such training for their little ones. However, this does not mean that learning a musical instrument should be a privilege for the rich only. An intriguing instrument is unnecessarily expensive and could just be as simple as a flute or a harmonica. Besides, it is the government’s responsibility to subsidise music education at schools and make it available for free or at a low cost.

In conclusion, it appears that learning to play music is paramount to a child’s development. This creative pursuit should make an integral part of a balanced and comprehensive education which every child should be able to access. (339 words)

(Written by Duong Vu – IDV Ielts – Hoc Ielts Writing band 8)

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