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Ielts Writing Task 1 Table Water Cost Australia Band 8

IELTS ESSAY SAMPLE BAND 8.0 – 9.0  FROM IELTS WRITING 8.0 BOOKS BY DUONG VU 8.5 Ielts – 8.0 WRITING (2 lần 2021 – 2023):

The table compares how much a kiloliter of water costs and the average household water expense of 5 different cities in Australia.

Overall, there is no difference between the costs of using under and over 125 kilolitres of water in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney whereas the difference in Perth and Adelaide is significant. In addition, the average water bill in Perth is highest while Melbourne has the lowest bill.

Specifically, households in Adelaide and Perth pay the same amount of 0,42 dollar for a kiloliter of water if they use less than 125KL. The water price of Adelaide increases significantly to more than double from the 126th kiloliter, while that of Perth is triple, at 1 dollar and 1.5 dollar per KL respectively. Compared to other cities, Perth and Adelaide rank first and third in terms of their average water bill, at 332 dollars and 312 dollars respectively. 

In Brisbane, people have to pay 0,81 dollar for a kiloliter of water if they use under 125KL and 0,84 dollar if they use above 125KL, and their average water bill is 310 dollars. Particularly, the cost of water in Sydney and Melbourne does not change whether locals use more or less than 125 KL. The former city has the second highest average water bill while the latter has the lowest water bill, at $319 and $253 respectively.

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