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Ielts Writing Task 1 Flood Map

The diagrams show an area of a village that is affected by floods and plans to solve the problem. Summarize information and make comparisons if relevant.

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The maps illustrate an area that is frequently flooded and two proposed solutions to tackle this pressing problem.

It is clear that this low-lying area is home to a considerable number of residential, industrial and commercial properties. However, it is prone to floods because two tributaries (A and B) converge right at its heart.

Two proposals have been put forward to protect the area from devastating effects of severe floods. Overall, proposal A is environmentally friendly but costs far more than proposal B which appears to be less sustainable.

The first measure is to relocate all these properties to safer places, which would involve huge costs of demolition and reconstruction. This, however, would leave the flood-prone area and its rich flora and fauna intact.

In contrast, solution B aims to mitigate floods instead of relocation. A large reservoir and a dam will be constructed on each river to control (regulate) its flow, leading to a lower risk of flood. Unfortunately, the construction of these flood prevention facilities involves land clearance and river alterations which would disrupt the local ecosytem.

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