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Ielts Speaking Visiting Relatives

Do you often visit your relatives? (Why?)

Well, I visit my uncles and aunts every once in a while, mainly at the weekend. Most of my relatives live in other provinces and given my hectic schedule now, I find it hard to call on them frequently.

What do you do when you visit them?

Not much really. We usually cook, have a nice meal together and talk about our lives, new events or any special plans. Every time I visit them, I feel like coming back home.

When was the last time you visited them? What did you do?

Last month, I came over my uncle’s house in Yen Bai province for my cousin’s wedding and stayed over. The following day, my cousins took me to the terraced rice fields and showed me around. I had a great time there.

Do you prefer visiting your relatives, or your friends?

Well it’s a tough question. They are all important people in our life and I don’t think deciding whom to visit is a matter of personal preference.

Do you take anything when you visit your relatives?

Yes, my uncles and aunts always give me a lot of fruit and vegetables grown in the areas and other kinds of local specialties. I couldn’t refuse to take because they would be upset if I do so.

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