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Ielts Speaking Transport Topic


What kind of transport do you most often use?

Well, it depends on the distances. For a short ride around my city, I will catch a motorbike taxi that is extremely popular and convenient in Vietnam. For long distance trips, I usually travel by air.

How do you usually go to school / work?

I often use Grab, a Hi-tech ride – hailing service. It’s basically an app, super handy and high quality service at my fingertips. Also, it’s cheaper than traditional taxi service.

How long does it take to travel to school / work?

Normally it takes around 20 minutes to reach my office but if I travel during rush hours, it might take up to 40 minutes.

How did you go to school when you were a child?

I used to ride a bicycle. Both secondary school and high school were quite far from my house and cycling was the only option I had. We now have buses in the countryside but they are not very reliable.

Do you prefer to use public or private transportation?

I prefer the latter. Private transport is faster and more convenient. There are so many long and narrow lanes around Hanoi that can be accessed by motorbike only.

Do you think you’ll use public transport more in the future?

I’m starting to get around by buses now but I only take them when I have time on my hands. I will definitely use bus and train more often when the transport infrastructure in Vietnam gets improved.

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