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Ielts Speaking Teacher Topic

Ielts Speaking TEACHER – Gợi ý trả lời mẫu / Ideas

What makes a good teacher? / What types of teachers do you like best?

Know how to inspire and energise/ transfer enthusiasm and energy to their class / not merely transfer knowledge from a textbook/ Teach by examples and pass on their valuable wisdom and experiences to young people.

Who was your favourite teacher when you were young? Why?

My high school physics teacher => strict and gentle at the same time, had a good sense of humour/ able to make rigid equations and formulas more fascinating and enjoyable => never wanted to miss any of his classes.

What is the difference between young teachers and old teachers?

Young teachers can easily get on well with their students/ find it easier to befriend with students / their teaching method might be more relevant to students.

Old teachers: more experienced, have more interesting stories to tell and capture students’ attention. However, sometimes can be too tradition-bound, not open or adaptable to new teaching methods and tools.

Would you like to be a teacher? / Do you think you could be a teacher?

I don’t think I’m suitable. Teaching is a tough job and a multi- skilled vocation. In order to perform well, educators must play the roles of parents, mentors, leaders, facilitators, entertainers and administrators. Such work is too demanding for me.

Have you ever had bad teachers before?

Sure, I still remember how hard I struggled with geography at high school. Our teacher was so stiff, forcing us to learn by heart all those boring pages in the textbook. In addition, she never smiled to us or made any effort to get us engaged in the lessons.


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