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Ielts Speaking Sports Topic

Ielts Speaking Part 1 Sports Topic Sample Answers – câu trả lời mẫu Ielts chủ đề Sports

Do you like sports?
I am not a big fan of sports but I do like being active to stay in shape. Regular exercise helps me maintain a healthy and happy life.
(be a big fan of ST = like it a lot)

Do you often watch sports on TV?
Not much really! I get bored easily. I always try to avoid watching sports unless it’s an exciting or important event, like the World Cup.

How often do you play sports? / Do you play any sports?
Not anymore. I was an avid (enthusiastic) swimmer as a child, but I gave that up after high school, as it was quite time-consuming. Now, I enjoy going to the gym and running around the lake by my house. I’m not sure if these are considered sports, but I’m really into physical activity.

Do you prefer watching or playing sports?
I’d rather play sports myself than sit and watch others because being active is better for my health. However, I do enjoy watching football on TV every once in a while, especially when my favourite team plays.

What’s the most popular sport in your country?
Football, definitely. As football is the sport of the world, that would be number one. People go wild when our team wins a game- they even drive around waving flags, blocking off the streets! Apart from this, many people enjoy playing tennis and badminton.

Do you think it is difficult to learn a new sport?
Well, it depends on each person and each kind of sports. For example, learning to lift weights probably takes few hours while it might take years to master figure skating.

Are there many celebrity athletes in your country?
As far as I know, there is a great number of famous sports men and sports women in Vietnam but very few of them are regarded as “celebrities” by the public, and they are all football players.

Did you prefer team sports or individual sports when you were young?
Team sports, definitely. During school holidays, my friends and I would gather at our neighbourhood playground for a football or badminton match almost every weekend. Without a team, the games would not have been so enjoyable.
(would = used to do ST in the past)

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