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Ielts Speaking Singing Topic

Ielts Speaking Part 1 Singing Topic – Sample 8.0 -9.0 from Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu –  Sách tự học Ielts Speaking hướng dẫn chi tiết cách trả lời, ý tưởng, kèm câu trả lời mẫu BAND CAO, click here

Did you do a lot of singing when you were a child? (dùng cấu trúc liệt kê + reason)

Ideas: sang our national anthem every Monday morning at school/ used to sing in my primary school’s choir / used to sing along when watching TV/ sang folk songs when playing traditional games, which made the games even more exhilarating.

Do you ever sing while you’re doing other things? (Liệt kê cụ thể + Example + reason)

Ideas: I have done this countless times…/ do so on a regular basis. Singing is part of my shower routine, which may sound funny or weird to others but I can’t truly chill out without singing my heart out in my bathroom. Additionally, I also sing while doing chores or any other tedious tasks. This helps me become more patient and maintain my positive moods …

Would you like to take singing lessons?

Probably no. Although such lessons and tutorials are widely available on the Internet, they sounds too complicated and academic for me. I believe we can improve our vocal ability and better our singing through extensive practice. My friend, for example, has learnt to sing skillfully and gracefully like a professional singer just by doing a lot of Karaoke at home.

Do you enjoy listening to other people singing?

Well, I can listen to them all day long as long as their singing is pleasing to my ears. I’m so envious with those who were born with an angelic voice. By contrast, there are many who sound like screaming when singing, and I’d rather turn on my computer’s playlists rather than listen to their irritating performance.

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