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Ielts Speaking Read and Write topic

Sample Answers Ielts Speaking Part 3 Read and Write topic by Dương Vu Ielts Speaking Book Full 3 parts:

  • Is the ability to read and write important? Why?

Absolutely. Children need a plethora of life skills these days but I believe reading and writing are the first and most fundamental ones for them to acquire. If they don’t know how to read, they can’t access a wealth of knowledge in books or on the Internet. And it’s vital to learn writing so that they can communicate effectively with others, which is a must in our modern society.

  • At what age do you think children should start reading and writing?

Typically, children first learn how to read and write at kindergartens. However, I believe, parents can start teaching them basic stuffs like letters and numbers at the age of 2. This might help their kids develop their language skills earlier and more effectively. Of course, this should be done through playing only, not in any forms of formal academic learning.

  • Is it the responsibility of schools or parents to teach children reading and writing?

Well ideally, both families and schools should be responsible for this. Compared to formal study, children can even learn these skills more efficiently at home where they tend to feel more comfortable than in schools. This might also be a great way for adults to spend time playing and having fun with their kids.

  • Which is the better place to read and write? Home or other places?

Home definitely. There is no place like home where people have complete control over the levels of light and noise. Its quiet, cozy and familiar settings make it easier for people to concentrate. Other places such as libraries and coffee shops are also suitable for these activities but they cannot provide the comfort and special feelings that home offer.

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