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Ielts Speaking Place to Read Topic

Ielts Speaking Part 1 Place To Read – Sample 8.0 -9.0 from Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu –  Sách tự học Ielts Speaking hướng dẫn chi tiết cách trả lời, ý tưởng, kèm câu trả lời mẫu BAND CAO, click here

Where do you like to read?

The ideal place for me to get engrossed in a book or several is my own room where I can enjoy ultimate comfort and privacy. Besides, I’m always in the mood for reading when sitting in a serene café, a tranquil park or a library.

What makes a good place to read?

Well, it’s up to individual preference but I suppose the most crucial criteria is a quiet ambiance that could enable people to truly get lost in a book. Some soothing background music can also be a bonus point. On top of that, the place must be well-lit so that people won’t have any issues with their eyes when reading for long hours.

Do you prefer to read alone or with other people around?

It depends really. Like for instance, when I read for academic purpose, I’d prefer to do so in a library or a coffee shop with other readers around. This can arouse a sense of community that helps me get in the zone effortlessly. For leisure reading, however, I tend to find it more rewarding to do so without others’ company.

Have you been in a place that is difficult to read?

Yes, I have. The other day I was running late for work but I needed to go over some documents for a meeting that morning. I tried to do so on my way but reading on a moving bus was truly a daunting task for me. I have no idea why many can read books on public transport.

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