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  • Why do people like to help others?

What an interesting question! The way I see it, some people find the meaning of life in helping others because they have a high level of compassion and empathy. They want to support those who are less fortunate. Also, helping is a great way to get connected to others and build a strong community. Life is full of ups and downs and if today they lend someone a hand, then tomorrow, they could count on others in time of hardship.

  • Should parents help children do homework?

Well, I’m not sure what you meant by “help” but I’d say “No”. Doing homework is children’s responsibility and they should figure out how to finish it on their own. This way, they would become more confident and independent in the future. Parents should encourage them, motivate them but should never help them with homework.

  • Should children help parents in household chores?

Absolutely. Children are also members of the family, so they should take part in doing housework. Moreover, they can learn a lot from this. Teamwork skill, organisational skill and other practical skills such as cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry are essential to their future life as independent individuals. Also, physical activities can do wonder for their health. Most importantly, by helping parents out with chores, children would make a meaningful contribution to building a close-knit and happy family.

  • How can we encourage children to help others?

I believe this can be done through examples and encouragement only. Adults should assist each other and become a role model for children to follow. At home, parents need to show support to each other as well as to their kids by spending time with them and taking great care of them. The family should also participate in community work from time to time so that their children could learn the value of helping others. At school, teachers should offer help to students, especially those who are going through a tough time and encourage students to do volunteer work.

  • Should developed countries help developing countries?

Definitely. Due to globalisation, countries are becoming increasingly interdependent on each other. Helping others therefore means helping themselves actually. Poor countries need capital and technology to develop while advanced nations need emerging markets for their exported goods. I believe it’s just a give and take game or a win-win situation.

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