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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Gift Topic

 Ielts Speaking Gift Topic Part 3 – Sample Answers in Ielts Speaking Book by Dương Vu:

  • What kinds of gifts do people usually buy in Vietnam?

Well, there is a wide variety of items for Vietnamese people to choose from, depending on the occasion and their purpose. On traditional holidays and festivals, cakes, fruit, wines and tea are most commonly – chosen gifts. For birthdays, weddings and other occasions, clothes, scarves and jewelry also make a wise choice.

  • Which do Vietnamese people prefer? Expensive gifts or meaningful gifts?

It depends really. People who are materialistic would definitely prefer lavish items since price tags are all they care about. Those who treasure love over money and material possessions, however, tend to place more value on meaningful gifts.

  • Is there any difference between men and women in gift giving?

The way I see it, men usually pay less attention to choosing gifts. They just follow what other men do and pick up any practical items they like without considering personal taste and preferences of the recipient. In contrast, women tend to be more thoughtful and put more effort into finding a special gift that conveys significant meanings.

  • In your country when do people often give gifts to others?

Well, the most common occasions are personal events & celebrations such as Birthdays, Weddings, Home Warming Party, Teacher Day, Valentine Day, Women Day or even when someone is hospitalized. Traditional holidays such as Lunar New Year or Mid-autumn Festival are also perfect opportunities for people to give gifts and express their love and gratitude for their family and friends.

  • Do people today give the same kinds of gifts that people used to give many years ago?

I don’t think so. As our living conditions have improved dramatically, the range of gifts has also become more varied. For example, several decades ago in Vietnam, food such as rice, chicken and pork used to be considered the most valuable gifts but today they seem too old-fashioned. Modern gift sets and costly imported products such as exclusive wine and jewels are now widely available due to high demand.

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