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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Education Topic

Ielts Speaking Part 3 EducationTopic – Sample Answers from Ielts Speaking 8.0 Book 2020 by Dương Vũ:

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  • What makes a good/ bad teacher? (See part 1: Topic Teacher)

Well, that’s a tough question! I guess everyone has their own image of an amazing teacher. For me, excellent teachers must know how to inspire and transfer enthusiasm in their class. They don’t stick to textbooks but teach by examples and pass on their valuable experiences to students, not just theoretical knowledge.

  • What pressures do teachers have?

Well, teaching is a tough profession and teachers have to deal with enormous pressure these days. First, they are expected by society to mould (shape) children into well-rounded individuals, which is truly a burden given how complicated and fast-changing today’s world is. Second and most obviously, they must try any possible innovative methods to make their classes enjoyable while at the same time have to comply with mandatory curricula and regulations stipulated by local authority. Finally, they might experience a lot of stress caused by mischievous students and maybe their family too.

  • Do you think teachers should be strict?

Absolutely. They should be tough and demanding in order to bring out the best in their students. Discipline is a crucial quality that can only be nurtured by pushing them to work hard and setting high requirements. However, this should be done with great care or it might put children under unnecessary pressure. Teachers must also provide their students with continuous encouragement and endless inspiration.

  • What are advantages & disadvantages of online (distance) learning?

Well, the most obvious and significant benefit of online learning or electronic learning is convenience. Students are able to access the training whenever they want and learn at their own pace. Also, they are less likely to get distracted than in traditional classes. However, this system lacks some essential ingredients, like the motivation of human contact in the classroom. Without real interactions with teachers and classmates, learners may lose enthusiasm over time, leading to their poor performance. On top of that, online learning courses and materials tend to be fixed and rigid. I mean, they cannot be revised or modified to cater to special needs of students.

  • Which is more popular in Vietnam? Private schools or public schools?

Public schools, definitely. They have cheaper tuition fees and most parents consider them more reliable due to government’s strict supervision. Private schools are also becoming more popular as they offer modern facilities and updated teaching methods. However, they might cost a fortune and only affluent families can afford.

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