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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Communication

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What do young people in Vietnam often talk about?

I’d say the most common topics young people often talk about are study or trendy stuff such as latest fashion, new food and technological products. They also love gossiping about the lives of celebrities because they tend to be crazy about what their idols are up to. Particularly, adolescents now are becoming increasingly keen on making money

Are there any differences in men’s and women’s favorite topics?

There is of course. The way I see it, men tend to enjoy talking about cars, watches and sports while women prefer topics related to beauty, fashion, weight loss or raising children. That’s why publishers need to make different magazines for male and female readers I think.

How can people communicate today? How is it different from the past?

Well, it has never been easier to be in touch with other people these days, even with those who are living in another country. For urgent needs, people can make a phone call or a video call via social media platforms. If they don’t need to get their message across instantly, they can just leave a text message or send an email. It’s effortless and super convenient. 

What is the difference between talking over the phone and face to face communication?

While talking on the phone is more convenient, in-person communication seem more efficient and productive in terms of getting the message across. It might be a bit difficult to convey a full range of emotions when conversing through an electronic device because words and intonation are the only means. By contrast, with face to face communication, people can use eye contact, facial expression and body gestures to make sure their verbal and non-verbal messages are correctly perceived. That’s why misunderstanding is less likely to happen when people meet and talk in person.

(in person = face to face/ get the message across = communicate successfully)

Is it difficult for adults to talk with children?

Yes, I do think so. Adults might have difficulty conversing with kids due to the generation gap. For one thing, children tend to use informal language with teen codes that their elders might not be able to decipher. For another thing, young people and old people might approach an issue from completely different perspectives, making it hard for them to understand each other. Not to mention, young and old generations rarely share common interests and concerns so they might struggle to get along with each other.

What kinds of jobs require good communication skills?

I suppose all jobs require adequate communication skills. But strong interpersonal skills are vital for those working in service industries as they have to deal with customers and collaborate with their coworkers on a daily basis. Likewise, managers and leaders must be able to communicate well with their subordinates so that their team knows exactly what they need to do in order to reach their goals.

Do you think communication between countries is important?

Absolutely. I believe that major global issues can be sustainably addressed only if all nations communicate and collaborate together. Take climate change as an example, This massive challenge cannot be addressed by local efforts alone. Unless all governments are willing to talk and reach an agreement on reducing their national carbon emissions to a safe level, it would be hard to stop global warming and climate change.

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