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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Childhood Memories

Part 3 Childhood Memories – A person from primary school who impressed you – 

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Why do people often miss their childhood?

Well, people tend to have fond memories of their childhood because these early years in life are often carefree and exciting. They can play and have fun all day long without having to worry too much about homework or making a living or the future. Reminiscing about this fantastic period helps people relieve stress and cope better with the challenges they are facing as a grownup.

Do you think kids are happier than adults?

That’s an interesting one. The way I see it, in each stage of our life from childhood to adolescence and adulthood, we can feel content with life for different reasons. Adults define happiness in various ways. Some might be happy when they have a close-knit family to rely on through thick and thin or when they’re in a wonderful relationship with their partner. Others may feel over the moon when they are able to achieve a major goal. What I’m trying to say is that although adults can experience several types of happiness in their life, kids tend to feel elated more often than grownups as they haven’t faced any adversity or struggle.

Do you think people often stay in touch with their childhood friends? 

Well, personally I think few people manage to keep in touch with old friends from childhood. This is mainly because they often grow apart and long distance might make it hard to maintain a close-knit friendship, out of sight, out of mind, you know. Added to that, as people get older, they tend to make numerous new friends and can only take care of their current relationships. Not to mention, they have to face all kinds of struggles in their personal life, so they hardly have time to spend with their long-lost friends even though they can easily reconnect on social media today.

What kinds of primary school teachers do you think children like? (câu dễ bạn tự tả lời nhé)

Gợi ý ideas: soft / gentle /funny/ caring (treat them like their mom) / patient (never scold them or lose their temper/ get angry … adopt creative teaching methods …)

Is it important to have beautiful childhood memories? 

Absolutely, fond memories of childhood might pave the way for a balanced and fulfilling life. It’s fair to say that what children experience during these formative years can define their future. People with stable upbringing tend to be more self-assured, which is the key to significant accomplishments. Children who have gone through a traumatic childhood, on the other hand, are more likely to have trouble later in life, like developing antisocial behaviours or committing crime.

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