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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Cafe Restaurant Parties

A cafe you’ve been to – Ielts Speaking part 3 Topic trong speaking forecast quy 3 2021 va quy 1 2022

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What kinds of people like to go to a café?

Well, it depends on each country but in Vietnam, it seems to me that café fans include people from all walks of life. Most youngsters prefer tastefully-designed cafes with cool settings and trendy foods and beverages, like hamburgers, pastas and bubble tea. Older people, on the other hand, are usually loyal customers of just one local cafeteria that has been around for a while. In terms of occupation, passionate fans of major coffee chains like Highlands, Starbuck or The Coffee House are mainly aspiring students and high-achieving professionals while those with a humble income tend to favour lowkey stores or street stalls where they can enjoy their favourite drinks and snacks while chilling out in fresh, open air.

Why do young people like to hang out in coffee shops? 

That’s an interesting one. The way I see it, a majority of teens and twentysomethings don’t visit a coffee shop because they are coffee aficionados. They might just look for a vibrant place with a youthful vibe to catch up with friends, hold a party or simply to take some selfies to post on Facebook or Instagram. Undeniably, young people  tend to place a great emphasis on keeping up with  the trends and checking out a newly-opened cafe is absolutely one of those.

Do you think young people in VN visit coffee shops more often than old people?

That’s a tough question. Let me think for a second. I’m just trying to find a way to put it. Well, to some extent, that’s true. In major cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, regular customers of large coffee chains mainly include young people. However, you must know that these stores are just the tip of an iceberg. There are thousands of little coffee shops run by locals in back streets or alleys which are frequented by older adults. So, I believe in Vietnam both young and old generations love chilling out at a coffee shop.

Do Vietnamese people like drinking coffee?

Absolutely. You know, Vietnam is among the largest coffee exporters in the world and our country also has a long-established coffee culture. It’s fair to say that we are massive fans of this aromatic drink. People of different ages and incomes consume it on a daily basis. Western nations might take great pride in creating latte or cappuccino but we also have our own signature recipes like egg coffee, coconut coffee or strong brewed coffee with dense milk. They’re all widely preferred by locals.

What are the differences between having parties at a restaurant and at home?

Without a doubt, there are a couple of differences but I suppose the main one is convenience and cost. When people throw a party at a restaurant or a café, there’s no need for them to worry about foods, drinks, tables, cutlery and decoration stuff. In other words, they don’t have to get stressed out over preparation work. By contrast, holding a social gathering or a family getogether at home can be extremely time consuming and effort consuming, especially the elaborate preparation of various kinds of dishes. Of course, partying at home is far more favourable in terms of cost saving and intimacy. Nowhere is llike home, you know.

Do Vietnamese people often invite friends to their home for a party?

The way I see it, Vietnamese people do favour celebrating at home over at a restaurant. This is mainly because generally the standard of living in Vietnam is still relatively low. Dining out regularly, especially at a gourmet restaurant is still considered a luxury that only a few can afford. On top of that, local people do place a great emphasis on home-cooked foods as a way to show their gratitude and hospitality to their guests.

What kinds of events are often organised at home in Vietnam?  (gợi ý: all kinds of celebrations: birthday, homewarming, weddings, university admission, job promotion and farewell parties)

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