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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Building Topic

Ielts Speaking Part 3 – Building Topic  – Public Building- Historical Building- Sample Answers band 8.0 by DUONG VU 8.5 Ielts – Ielts Speaking Book Full 3 parts by Duong Vu – IDV: – Learn Ielts Speaking Band 8

  • Are historical buildings important? Why?

Definitely, ancient and old buildings are a manifestation of history and traditional culture. They exude a pleasant feeling of nostalgia and teach us a lot about the bygone eras, how life used to be. Also, they add a great deal of charm and diversity to modern cities, and make them distinctive from each other. Above all, they are well-preferred tourist attractions, which means a lot to local economy.

  • Why do we have a lot of tall buildings in modern cities?

Due to urbanisation, cities are getting more and more crowded with people who come in search of job and supposedly better living conditions. Skyscrapers are built to accommodate the need of an influx of migrants. Greater demand for office space is also a major factor behind the mushrooming of tall buildings in urban areas.

Ielts Speaking Tall Buildings Part 3 Sample Answers by Duong Vu 8.5 Ielts:

  • Should the government spend money on renovating old buildings or constructing new ones?

Well, as I mentioned historical buildings have a significant role to play in our modern society and restoring them should be given priority. However, in case the buildings are too old and shabby, which might pose a severe threat to visitors, I believe it’s better to take them down and construct a new one in similar architectural style.

  • What kinds of public facilities are available in your area?

Well, I’m currently living in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, so there is a wide range of public facilities here. For our essential needs, we have water & electricity supply and hospitals. For our entertainment, religion & leisure activities, parks, pagodas, zoos, museums, theatres and libraries are within a short distance. Overall, I find it convenient and quite comfortable living here.

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