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Ielts speaking part 3 Advice topic

Ielts Speaking Part 3 topic Advice – Sample answers by Dương Vũ Mastering Ielts Speaking Book 8.0 full 3 parts  – Sách tự học Ielts Speaking tốt:

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When do people need advice?

Without a doubt, most people have to seek advice at some point in their lives,  but I suppose the most common situation is when they are struggling with a tough decision. Like for instance when they’re unsure of which university to attend or what career to pursue, then it would be best for them to ask for guidance from experienced people. Another possible scenario might be when they have to perform a daunting or unfamiliar task. For example, when people are starting their first business, I believe they would need a mentor or even seek professional advice from a consulting service.

What are some qualities of people who give good advice?

Of course, different people have different criteria for a reliable mentor or advisor. From my perspective, the most crucial quality is that they must be an expert in the field they are giving advice on. Without tremendous wisdom and expertise, they might come up with unrealistic or irrelevant solutions, which is obviously undesirable for those seeking help. (mệnh đề rút gọn V-ing). Another essential trait to look for is honesty. If they are untrustworthy, then it wouldn’t be wise to turn to them for advice in the first place.

What do you think about asking too many people for advice ?

That’s an interesting one. The way I see it, it’s unwise to seek advice from too many people, especially those who have no practical experience in that area. People with different personalities and ways of thinking might approach a problem from contradicting perspectives and thus offer conflicting advice. This may exacerbate the dilemma of advice seekers. Too many cooks spoil the broth you know.

Should people ask strangers online for advice?

Well, it depends on each situation. For instance, when people are considering purchasing a household appliance but they have no tech-savvy friends, it might be a good idea to join a relevant forum online and ask strangers for suggestions or recommendations. However, for advice related to private matters like relationships or a mental struggle, I believe it’s best to turn to their family or a professional service for help. Seeking advice from random people on such critical issues is too dangerous you know.

What should people do before giving advice?

I suppose the hardest part of giving advice is probably the ability to remain objective and honest. You know, 9 times out of 10, people turn to their family or friends for guidance, and this might lead to biased opinions. For example when parents instruct their children on career choice, they tend to force their own will on their kids and might push them into a dead- end job. Another point I should add is that some people are scared of losing face when they have to admit their ignorance and may end up giving poor advice. So the bottom line is that people should be clear whether they are in a proper position to give advice and try to put themselves in the shoes of those they’re going to help.

Are parents or friends better at giving advice?

I’d say that it depends on what kinds of advice people are seeking. For those related to study or career, I believe parents or teachers are in a better position to give more relevant and valuable counseling. This is mainly because they know their children or students inside out, both their talents and aspirations. However, when it comes to fashion or lifestyle, I mean stuff to keep up with the trends, friends might offer more brilliant and actionable ideas.

  • Are students in Vietnam clear about their careers from the beginning?

Unfortunately, no. Most students in Vietnam have no idea what they are going to do in the future even when they’ve made their way to college or university. This is possibly due to the absence of career orientation programs in secondary and high school curriculums.

  • Who is better to give children advice on their future career? Parents or teachers?

I’d say teachers seem to be in a better position to give them career advice. While parents spend more time on a personal level with children, they might not stay updated of the future job market and might push their kids into a dead-end job. Teachers tend to be more insightful and alert of social development, so their advice would probably be more relevant.

  • In your country, what kinds of advice do parents usually give their children?

Well, there is a ton of advice that children in Vietnam usually receive from their parents. The most common ones are what to wear, whom to be friends with, which schools to attend, what subjects to choose and who to love and marry. Vietnamese parents do have substantial influence on their kids.

  • Which areas do you think would be risky for parents to give advice on?

Well, as I mentioned it would be risky for parents to advise their kids on job and career stuffs. They might not have sufficient knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines or not be fully aware of what’s going to be in high demand. Also they tend to force their own will and preference on their children, which is usually undesirable and counter-productive.

  • Do you think teenagers like to listen to their parents’ advice?

Definitely, not. I’ve been there. Adolescence is a tough period for everyone. Although their body and mind have not fully developed, teenagers always assume they’ve already grown up and try to act as an independent adult. They tend to have arguments with their parents more frequently and often ignore their advice. This is just a way to assert themselves.

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