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Ielts Speaking part 2 A useful advertisement

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I’d like to talk about a helpful advert about clothes / fashion items for middle-aged women I saw on Facebook.

Normally I rarely pay attention to advertisements because they tend to be annoying and ubiquitous. However, the other day I came across / stumbled upon that advert on Facebook. Probably, it was shown on my newsfeed because I had searched for that kind of product on the Internet.

The advert contained attractive/ catchy images of models in elegant/ gorgeous outfits. I was immediately captivated/ fascinated by the advert and I decided to visit their websites and select/ pick out some A-line dresses which I think would fit my mom.

That advert was useful because I had looked for those products for a long time. Thanks to it, I was able to buy the perfect gift for my beloved mom.

I felt over the moon when I saw how happy she was upon opening the gift. Also, she looks stunning in these dresses and she told me that I had a great taste in fashion.

That is one of the very few occasions I bought an item because of an advertisement. I wouldn’t describe myself as a discerning customer but I always look for feedback or reviews from other customers before buying anything. That advert has successfully convinced me though.

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