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Ielts speaking part 1 Handwriting

Hướng dẫn trả lời topic Handwriting Ielts Speaking Part 1 quý 3 2020 – sách Ielts Speaking Book quý 3 by Dương Vũ + bộ đề dự đoán chuẩn Ielts Speaking quý 3 2020

Câu trả lời mẫu – sample đầy đủ các bạn theo dõi trên facebook Dương Vũ hoặc Youtube IDV IELTS: 

Do you often write with a pen? (cấu trúc HOWEVER + BESIDES)

I would say that I’m not so fond of writing on paper. However, whenever my work requires some creative writing, I will definitely use a pen to jot down my ideas first. This helps me concentrate better and thus become more productive. Besides, I always prepare written cards to my loved ones on their special events such as birthdays or weddings. This is how I express my gratitude to them for always being there for me.

Is your handwriting easy for others to read or not? (Cấu trúc DEPENDS + HOWEVER)

Well, I suppose it’s quite legible when I take time to write properly. In case I have to take notes in a hurry or when I’m writing under pressure, however, I would fail to write neatly. Perhaps, that’s why I never got exceptional marks at writing exams during high schools.

Do you prefer to write on a computer or to write using a pen? (Cấu trúc Depends)

Well, it depends really. For long and formal documents, I will definitely use a computer because typing is much faster and technology makes it easier to spot and correct mistakes. However, when taking notes or brainstorming, I would pick up a pen and a notebook, which allows me to be more creative and immaginative.

Do you think a person’s handwriting reflects their personality?

I couldn’t agree more. According to researchers, if an individual writes with wide spacing, he or she is associated with being flexible and free-spirited while narow, even spacing between words means love for strong discipline. That’s so true.

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