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Ielts Speaking part 1 App Topic

APP – Sample Band 8 – Sách Ielts Speaking Dương Vũ Full Sample 3 Parts + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết part 1, 2, 3 bản update quy 3 (September – December) 2021:

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Apps là topic Part 1 mới của bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 3 2021 nên sẽ tiếp tục thi trong Bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 1 – 2022 các bạn nhé:

What kinds of app do you often use?

I’m not really into fancy technologies so my favourite apps include only esstential stuffs like the calendar, email and social media. Additionally, I use photo and video editing programs on a daily basis as my work requires a constant stream of creative contents.

What was the first app you used?

Well, it’s been such a long time since I had my first decent mobilephone. If my memories serve me right, probably it was a texting app. I used to send a lot of messages when I was a teen and that app was definitely something I couldn’t live without back then.

What apps have you recently used?

Oh, I’ve been a huge fan of Siri lately. I’ve been talking to it a lot for the past few months in order to prepare for this speaking test. This handy app can make not only an amazing virtual personal assistant but also an incredible companion.

What kinds of app would you like to use in the future?

You know, in this day and age, people are leading an increasingly hectic and stressful life. Many are struggling with serious mental issues like depression and anxiety disorder so I suppose an app that could comfort and talk to people like a therapist would be of immense help.

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