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Ielts Speaking Number Topic

Do you often use numbers to do something?

  • Of course. They are an integral part of our daily life. I mean we always have something to calculate such as the number of hours to complete a task or the amount of money to pay for a certain item.

Are you good at memorizing numbers?

  • I suppose so. I can remember the birthdays as well as phone numbers of my beloved family members and close friends. I do, however, have a hard time memorizing the dates of historical events.

What is your favourite number?

  • I love all prime numbers. They are so unique and charming. My lucky number is 5. It’s also the birthdate of a person who means the world to me.

Are you good at numbers?

  • I guess so. Back in the old school days, I was excellent at math and other subjects that deal with numbers, figures, formulas and the like.

Would you like to have a job dealing with numbers?

  • Definitely not. I’m quite an artistic and creative person. Working with data and figures is simply not for me.

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