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Ielts Speaking Living Area Topic

Your living area

Where are you living at the moment?

I’m living in a nice and quiet area which is extremely rare in Hanoi’s downtown. We have a lake, an open market and a small park in our neighbourhood.

Do many people live in your neighbourhood?

It is just a small community with around 30 families I think. Several houses have been turned into shops and offices so the surroundings are quite tranquil at night.

Do you have many friends there?/ Do you know many people living nearby?

I’m a newcomer here but my neighbours are all friendly and helpful. They even let us park our vehicles in front of their houses when we need to. Also, I’ve made quite a lot of new friends: shop owners, barbers, tailors and others.

How long have you been living there?

I moved to this place around 3 years ago. I’m glad I did. Earlier, I lived in a filthy, bustling area packed with people and vehicles, which was truly a nightmare.

What changes would you like to see in this area?

I hope there will be a playground for children to enjoy some fun time outdoors. Also, it would be better if all locals are aware of keeping public spaces tidy. I do see people dumping rubbish on the streets from time to time.

Who do you live with?

I share the house with my younger brothers and sisters. My parents are living at our countryside home. They are not used to city life.

What do you like about the area around where you live?

I really like it here. The surroundings are so airy and pleasant thanks to the lake and verdant trees around it. The streets are large so people can park cars in front of their houses without blocking the traffic.

Are you planning to move to another area to live?

At the moment, I have no intentions to move. It’s hard to find a place like this in Hanoi. Also, moving house is really stressful.

What changes have you seen in this area since you have been living there?

Well, I can see some significant improvements in public facilities and people’s awareness of the environment. A low wall has been built around the lake to prevent rubbish getting into its water. In addition, a small park and an outdoor fitness zone have also been set up by the lake.

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