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Ielts Speaking Drink Water Topic

Do you like to drink water?

Sure. Nothing is more refreshing than a glass of cool water in a hot summer day. Sipping a cup of water also does wonders for me when I need to calm down or to think something through.

Do you prefer to drink bottled water or tap water?

Well, I like both. They taste just the same, except some high quality mineral water brands. I usually drink tap water, not directly from the tap of course. In Vietnam, we must boil the water first to make sure it’s safe.

Do you drink much water every day?

Yes, quite a lot. I keep the habit of drinking two glasses of water right after I get up and one glass around 30 minutes before every meal. And I can’t count how many times I refill the glass on my working desk every day.


Do you prefer to drink hot water or cool (or cold) water?

Generally, water at room temperature is best for me.  I love ice water but my digestive system is not strong enough for it. During winter, I drink lukewarm water only.

How often do you have a drink of water?

I usually have at least 10 glasses of water daily. I drink when I’m thirsty and also when I’m not. Sometimes, it’s just a habit to have a sip of water when I can’t think of any ideas for the task at hand.

Is bottled water very expensive in your country?

It depends on brands. Some are a bit expensive for families with average income while most are quite cheap, especially when bought in large quantity.

Would you say it’s important to drink water?

Definitely. How can we live without it? Our body needs water to perform its essential functions smoothly. Drinking a lot of water not only keeps us hydrated but also helps relieve stress.

Have you ever had an experience of being thirsty, but not having any water to drink?

I have. Last summer, the water supply in my house was cut off for 4 days in a row. On the last day, we run out of bottled water in the middle of night so I had nothing to quench my thirst. Since that night, I’ve become more aware of saving water in my house.

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