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Ielts Speaking Being Alone

Sample Answers for Ielts Speaking Being Alone Topic – Câu trả lời mẫu Ielts Speaking part 1:

  • Do you like to be alone?

I do. I love being in solitude, especially when I need some time alone to sort things out. Spending some quality “me” time always brings me back on track whenever I get frustrated about life.

  • What do you usually do when you are alone?

Well, not much really. It’s time to find a balance after a hectic day, so I always go for light activities such as listening to relaxing music, getting lost in a book, practicing yoga or mindfulness, or just doing nothing.

  • What was the last time when you were alone and what did you do then?

Just yesterday. I had a row with my closet friend and I confined myself in my room for nearly an hour to reflect on everything.

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