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Ielts Speaking Beautiful Views

Does your hometown have beautiful views?

  • I’m proud to say yes. I was born and grew up in the countryside where we have amazing sunrise and sunset almost all year round. I used to climb on the rooftop of my house to enjoy a panoramic view over lush rice paddies, winding rivers and quaint villages.

Do you like to stay in places with beautiful views when you are traveling?

  • View is one of the most significant criteria to me when booking a hotel room. I love sitting in a spacious balcony overlooking magnificent surrounding areas.

How would you feel living in a house with beautiful scenery?

  • It’d be wonderful. What is better than that? Whenever I get upset, all I have to do is just looking out of my windows and the relaxing natural landscape outside will instantly put me at ease.

Do you like taking photos of beautiful scenery with your smartphone?

  • Well, yes. Actually, it’s my all-time favourite hobby. I’m passionate about enriching my phone’s albums with amazing pictures of spectacular sky, beaches, mountains, forests and rivers.

Can you suggest why some people use their mobile phones to take pictures of beautiful views?

  • I believe their primary purpose is to save breath-taking scenery in photos for later viewing or posting on their social media. Also, some people are really into photography and just want to test their skills.

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